The Music of Alan G Clark

(Bring Back the Good Times)
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How did I get this old?
It seems like only yesterday
I was just a kid running out to play.
How did I get this old?

When I was very young, I would gaze in total bewilderment at cheerful old people, with their thinning grey hair and crocodile skin, wondering how they could possibly be so happy, when to me they were obviously tottering on the brink.  I imagined myself being permanently fearful in their situation.  Later, I thought that maybe life’s journey conditions us for the inevitable, so that by the time we become old, the prospect of dying is less frightening.  Sadly, for me at least, this theory has not been borne out in fact, and in my sixties I find I am as concerned as ever about my eventual fate. 

I wish that I were fourteen,
Or even forty-four,
I wish I wasn’t always wanting more!

  I’ve been very lucky in my life, as have so many baby boomers such as I.  Thanks to our parents’ generation we have never had to go to war and I personally have never gone hungry…..  But life is so short!  One moment it seemed stretched out before me, and the next I am looking back on it, wondering where it all went, wishing I had appreciated it more and had done more with my time.

When I was thirty-three, years turned fast enough for me,
‘Though faster it would seem than when I was sixteen.
Round and round we go, in our groove  each day,
In ever-decreasing circles, but there’s no replay.

Anyway, enough of all that!  I have always had a strong interest in popular music, and song writing in particular, but before retirement, found too many other things to do with my time to take it seriously.  Recently however, I have been writing some songs, in an attempt to convey my feelings on, among other topics, the human condition and the aging process, and I hope that these songs might appeal to some of my contemporaries.  I’ve left it very late, but better late than never I suppose, hence the name Last Gasp Records.  I do not claim to be a good musician or a great singer, but I am to some degree, pleased with my lyrics in that they, at least in part, say what I want to say.  Probably all the songs sound fairly ‘retro’, but of course I am fairly ‘retro’ myself and my musical tastes are firmly rooted in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Many songs have a humorous slant, for without humour where would we be?

Take me to the old people’s home,
Leave me in the dayroom sitting on my own,
To while away my final years with my sweet memories
And some demented game show on TV.

I have three albums currently available, and you can listen to samples from these by clicking on ‘THE SONGS’ page.  Two songs, ‘FIFTY YEARS’ – a tribute to Buddy Holly to mark the fiftieth anniversary of his death, and ‘BABY BOOMERS’ may be heard in full, either at this site, or with video at:

  The album ‘DREAMIN’ OF MY PENSION’ is a compilation of my songs on the subject of advancing years, taken from my other two albums - with some additional tracks.  Details of all the albums are on ‘THE SONGS’ page.  With the exception of ‘I REMEMBER, I REMEMBER’, in which I set to music, the poem by Thomas Hood, all the lyrics and the melodies are my own.  I sing all vocal tracks as well as playing guitar and keyboard parts – so I have no one to blame but myself for any deficiencies!  I hope you like the songs.  Have a listen!  It would be good to sell a few but as you will have gathered, everlasting life is my main aim!!!  I’d like to hear from you – about the songs, or life in general and you can email me at: